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Lány teszi pornó stover mt Teavee Franziska Troegner - Mrs. Mars wants toys that act like the ones in TV commercials. Tommy Vee vs.

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Whitman Jim Howick - Cpl. Simons - orderly Pavel Cajzl - Sherpa Guide. A man discovers that there's more to love than a good mixed tape in this dramatic comedy about music and relationships. Rob John Cusackan obsessive record collector in his mid-thirties, is struggling to reconcile his adolescent enthusiasm for pop music with adult responsibilities and a more mature outlook.

He runs a record shop with his friends Barry Jack Black and Dick Todd Louisowho are known to drive away customers whose taste in music doesn't match their exacting standards — which may have something to do with why the shop is losing money. But Rob's biggest problem is his failing relationship with Laura Iben Hjejlea lawyer who needs more out of the relationship than Rob is capable of giving.

To Rob's horror, Laura starts dating Ian Tim Robbinshis upstairs neighbor, known throughout the building for his long and noisy sex sessions. Forget everything you know about Little Red Riding Hood; the classic fairy tale gets a new look and a new style in this computer-animated comedy for the whole family.

Grizzly voice of Xzibit and Stork voice of Anthony Anderson are a pair of critter cops who have been called the homey bungalow of Granny voice of Glenn Close to investigate a disturbance of the peace.

However, as the detectives interview the participants and get each individual's perspective, they learn that Granny isn't so helpless, Red may have been doing more than just visiting relatives, the Wolf isn't the predator he's been cracked up to be, and the Woodman doesn't have much of an intellectual advantage over the trees he chops down.

Cult figure Robert Downey, Sr. Hugo Dugay Alyssa Milano is a young woman who makes her living cleaning swimming pools when she isn't busy looking after her mother Minerva Cathy Moriartywho's hooked on gambling, and her father Henry Malcolm McDowellwho's hooked on alcohol and a of drugs.

One day, Hugo finds herself with over 40 pools to look after, complicated by the fact that L. This is especially unwelcome news for Chick Chicalini Richard Lewisa crime boss who is having a party and insists on having a clean pool with fresh water for the occasion.

In hopes of easing Chick's anxieties, she cooks up a complicated scheme involving a tanker truck and a quick trip to the Colorado River.

Hugo also encounters a mysterious hitchhiker Sean Penn who may have magical powers and deals with other customers, including overwrought filmmaker Franz Robert Downey, Jr. Robert Downey, Sr. A combination of alchemy, architecture, and horror, director Dario Argento's Inferno is a pulsing thriller filled with murder and supernatural mayhem.

According to the book, Varelli built a trio of resting places for the Three Mothers, an evil trio whose identities remain at the core of the film's mystery.

He follows up Rose's research on The Three Mothers and, with the help of his sister's neighbor, Elise Daria Nicolodicomes to the realization that the building they are in is one of Varelli's.

Along the way, Mark encounters a variety of quirky characters including Elise's butler Leopoldo Mastellonithe building's maid Alida Vallia cat-hating bookseller named Kazanian Sacha Pitoeffand the infirm Professor Arnold Feodor Chaliapin and his nurse Veronica Lazar.

After a series of murders and a revelation that the butler and the maid have been plotting to steal Elise's jewels, Mark discovers a secret series of passages within the building. They lead him to its core where he finds the wheelchair-bound Professor Arnold, who explains that he is really the architect Varelli.

After a violent struggle, the dying old man confesses to Mark that he is merely a servant to the Mothers.

Phil Weston Will Ferrell is a tightly wound suburban father who had a competitive streak worn into him by his father, Buck Robert Duvallwho never seemed to feel that his son measured up. When Phil's son s a Little League soccer team, Phil s on as coach, only to learn that Buck — who also has a ten-year-old son these days — will be coaching a team in the same league.

Determined to show his father he can do the job, Phil impresses upon his young charges that winning is the only important thing, and soon gains a few enemies as he humiliates not only the kids on his own team, but their opponents as well.

Hartley - Production Deer Dave R. One man's slow climb up the ladder to modest success is thwarted at every rung in this lightly downbeat comedy-drama. Ghislain Lambert Benoit Poelvoorde is a amateur bicycle racer who lives on a small farm in Belgium with his brother, Claude Jose Garciaand a hired hand who cannot speak, Denis Sacha Bourdo.

Lambert dreams of someday going pro, and a local coach, Focodel Daniel Ceccaldiagrees to help him train.

With Focodel's help, Lambert is asked to a team of pro cyclists and finds himself sharing a room on the road with Riccardo Emmanuel Quatraan outgoing Italian racer who urges him into a romance with cycling enthusiast Babette Christelle Cornil and introduces him to performance-enhancing drugs.

Lambert soon butts he with Fabrice Jean-Baptiste Ierathe team's star rider, and while Lambert tries to show up the self-centered racer, his plan backfires when he's kicked off the team for drug use.

With Claude's less-than-cordial assistance, Lambert gets back into the game and lands a lowly position with another racing team, essentially putting him back where he started.

Steve Martin has one of his best roles in Leap Of Faith as Jonas Nightengale, a high-tech faith healer and revival preacher who takes pride in the money he squeezes out of people, convincing himself that he can't deliver hope, but "I give my people a good show.

Nightengale figures that as long as he's there, he might as well set up the rubes and put on a performance. With the aid of his assistant Jane Debra Winger who talks to Nightengale through an earpiece, informing him of the physical problems of certain members of his audienceNightengale puts on a glorious show and rakes in the money.

But the local sheriff Will Liam Neeson wants to shut down the show because times are bad in Rustwater and he doesn't think folks should waste their money on a charlatan. Nightengale sends Jane to seduce Will, but the sheriff succeeds in getting Jane to fall in love with him.

Nightengale also meets someone, Marva Lolita Davidovicha local waitress with a crippled brother. The boy thinks Nightengale can heal him. Nightengale tries to make the child understand that he can't help him, but it turns out that Nightengale knows very little about his own faith powers.

Picker - Producer Ralph S. Bearing the same relationship to The Muppet Show that Fritz the Cat does to Felix the Cat, Meet the Feebles is a gleefully rude, decidedly adult comedy about the backstage goings-on amongst an eccentric group of puppets the day before their televised variety special.

Made by director Peter Jackson, creator of Bad Taste and Heavenly Creatures, the film features a wide ensemble of creatures known as "The Feebles," led by a walrus named Bletch, the show's gruff, corrupt producer. Amongst the central figures are Heidi the Hippo, the show's prima donna singer; the fey fox Sebastian, who acts as the show's director; and the lovable and love-struck Robert the Hedgehog.

Other cast members include a sex-crazed rabbit suffering from VD, a junkie frog prone to Vietnam War flashbacks, and a rat who directs porno movies in the theater's basement. Romantic jealousies, drug deals gone wrong, murders, and other scandalous activities all threaten to wreak havoc amongst the cast, with all these problems reaching their climax on the evening of the big show which comes complete with musical s.

A pair of New York City cops collaborate on a plan to rob a cash-packed subway train in this action-comedy.

Lány teszi pornó stover mt, the facility is a scientific research laboratory known as a bio-dome, a self-sustaining habitat in which five scientists, led by Dr.

Charlie Woody Harrelson and John Wesley Snipes are not just co-workers and close friends but also foster brothers.

Because of this family connection, the reluctant John becomes involved in the more capricious Charlie's far-fetched scheme to rob the "money train" that collects the subway's daily grosses.

Charlie needs the money for gambling debts, and robbing the train would have the added benefit of angering Charlie's and John's harsh, corrupt boss Captain Patterson Robert Blake.

Romantic interest is provided by a fellow police officer Jennifer Lopez who sparks rivalry between the brothers, but the film's main interest is in the violent events that surround the attempted heist, which naturally proves more complicated than planned.

Rubino - Set Deer Ruth E. Carter - Costume Deer James J. In this sequel to the urban comedy Friday, rap music star Ice Cube returns as Craig Jones, a streetwise man from South Central Los Angeles who has a knack for getting into trouble.

Looking to stay out of Debo's way, Craig decides that it would be a good time to visit his cousin Mike Epps and uncle Don "DC" Currywho have recently won the lottery and moved into a spacious new home in the suburbs. Jeremy Sisto plays a computer programmer named Simon J.

His corporate employers are secretly conducting a experiment on him in order to test out a new advertising scheme. Simon receives empty boxes at his apartment, grows suspicious of everyone else, and develops a strange desire for milk.

Cast: Jeremy Sisto - Simon J. Cassavetes as an end-of-tether Broadway actress. She is about to open in a play written by her old friend Joan Blondell, but a series of pre-show setbacks and disasters threaten to destroy not only the production but Rowlands' sanity.

The actress is especially rattled when one of her staunchest fans dies in an accident. In the face of bleak reality, just how important is the old "show must go on" ethic?

Daniel Robichaud's P3K: Pinocchio takes the famous fairy tale and sets it in the future. The childless Gepetto build a robot that looks like a boy. Gepetto has invented a special device that allows the robot to feel human emotion.

The mayor of the town Gepetto lives in rules the city in a cruel and unforgiving way. When the mayor opens a play area for children in the town, Gepetto senses that the mayor has selfish motivations and sabotages the opening.

The mayor seeks out his revenge by using Pinocchio for his own nefarious purposes. A Capuchin friar whose endless devotion would manifest itself in the appearance of stigmata wounds for over fifty years, Saint Padre Pio was responsible for a series of religious miracles that many sited as proof of God's existence in an era where spiritual skepticism was at an all time high.

Jurgen Prochnow and Adolfo Lastrett co-star. A well-regarded spec script by A-list screenwriter David Koepp became this stylish thriller from director David Fincher.

Meg's going through an unhappy divorce that forces her and Sarah to move into a new home. They choose a deluxe New York brownstone that coincidentally boasts an unusual feature: a "panic room," a vault-like hidden space capable of literally sealing itself off from the rest of the building.

With its thick steel door on springs, separate ventilation and communications systems, and video monitors linked to cameras mounted throughout the home, the room is an impregnable fortress.

Meg and Sarah are able to secure themselves in the panic room before the robbers can get to them, but it turns out that Sarah's medication is still on the outside, the phone's not yet connected, and the loot the gang's seeking is inside the panic room with them.

A cat-and-mouse battle of wits ensues, with Meg trying to outwit their captors over the course of one very long night, as her daughter's health dissipates.

Hall, Jr. Hughes - Sound Effects Editor. Directed by Paul Abascal, Paparazzi chronicles the aftermath of four paparazzi photographers whose search for the all-important "perfect shot" ends in a tragic car accident. Movie star Bo Laramie Cole Hauser is understandably furious when, thanks to the notorious celebrity-chasers, his wife, Abby Robin Tunneyis seriously injured, and his eight-year-old son is paralyzed.

After the accident, Bo dedicates his life to putting a stop to a paparazzo's deadly overzealousness. Bowen - Camera Operator Harry K.

Schwalbe - Foley Editor George W. Scott - Cable Person David A. Watkins - Personal Assistant Chris T. Welch - Sound Editor David A. The autobiography of Henri Charriere, one of the few people to successfully escape from the notorious French penal colony of Devil's Island, served as the basis for Papillon.

Steve McQueen plays the pugnacious Charriere known as "Papillon," or "butterfly," because of a prominent tatooincarcerated—wrongly, he claims—for murdering a pimp.

He save the life of fellow convict Louis Dega Dustin Hoffmana counterfeiter who will later show his gratitude by helping Charriere in his many escape attempts, and by smuggling food to Charriere when the latter is put in solitary confinement. One breakout, which takes Charriere and Dega to a leper colony and then to a native encampment, is almost successful, but Charriere is betrayed allegedly because he stopped for an act of kindness and back the prisoners go to French Guinea.

Years later, Dega is made a trustee and is content with his lot, but the ageing, white-haired Charriere cannot be held back.

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The year is ; after centuries of unchecked power, the Ottoman empire is rapidly crumbling. As a result, Turkey's secret agents—those that haven't already been eliminated by downsizing or death—operate in a vacuum, their superiors knowing little and caring less about their activities.

One such spy is Ben Kingsley, a minor bureaucrat of no ambition. When ordered to help disreputable English citizens Charles Dance and Helen Mirren in the theft of a precious Greek artifact, Kingsley goes along without question.

Házas keresek egy színesbőrű hölgy 40 houston

He is even prepared to follow orders and double-cross Dance the moment the robbery is pulled off. But as the film progresses, Kingsley becomes less and less of a by-the-book government functionary and more and more of an enigma—to Dance, to Mirren, to his country, to himself.

More than your usual "caper" film, Pascali's Island has more layers than an artichoke. McKenna - Dr. Hogan Danielle Allan - Mrs.

Mel Gibson's well-publicized production The Passion of the Christ concerns the last 12 hours in the life of Jesus of Nazareth. The dialogue is spoken in the ancient Aramaic language, along with Latin and Hebrew. Jesus is condemned to death for blasphemy and brought before Pontius Pilate Hristo Naumov Shopovthe Roman governor of Judea, for sentencing.

The roaring crowd demand his death, so Pilate orders his crucifixion. Jesus is severely beaten and made to carry his cross up to Golgotha, the hill outside Jerusalem, where he is nailed to the cross.

Despite much controversy involving Gibson and various religious organizations, The Passion of the Christ received an international theatrical release in February of A former friend betrays a legendary outlaw in Sam Peckinpah's final Western.

Rather than flee to Mexico when he can, Billy he back to Fort Sumner, meeting his final destiny at the hands of his friend Pat, who, two decades later, is forced to face the consequences of his own Faustian pact with progress.

With a script by Rudolph Wurlitzer, Peckinpah uses the historical basis of Billy's death to eulogize the West dreamily yet violently as it is desecrated by corrupt capitalists. Both Pat and Billy know that their time is passing, as surely as Garrett's posse knows that they are participating in a legend.

Using familiar Western players like Slim Pickens and Katy Jurado, Peckinpah underscores the West's existence as a media myth, and he even appears himself as a coffin maker.

Also like The Wild Bunch, Pat Garrett was truncated by its studio; the cuts did nothing to help its box office.

Key scenes, particularly the framing story of Garrett's fate, have since been restored to the home-video version. In this director's cut, Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid stands as one of Peckinpah's most beautiful and complex films, killing the Western myth even as he salutes it.

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Wilson - Makeup A. Baker Michael T. The fact-based story of an unconventional physician who attempted to heal patients with laughter, based on his own book and mixing equal doses of scatological humor and pathos.

Robin Williams stars as Hunter Adams, a troubled young man who commits himself to a mental institution in the late s.

His experiences there convince Adams to become a doctor, and he enrolls in medical school, where he is appalled at the cold, clinical professionalism that alienates patients from their caregivers. Determined to provide emotional and spiritual relief as well as medicine, Adams clowns around for his patients, getting to know them personally.

Forró nők Isom Kentuckyban

Although his efforts seem to work wonders and the hospital nursing staff is grateful for the levity Adams provides, his methods alienate his uptight roommate Mitch Philip Seymour Hoffman as well as the staff and faculty of his school.

Adams perseveres, however, even starting his own low-cost rural clinic called the Gesundheit Institute, and wooing a pretty fellow student, Carin Monica Potter.

Tragedy strikes, and Adams' career is put in jeopardy, forcing him to defend his style and philosophy before a board of jurists determined to bar him from practicing medicine.

Eaton Irma P. Titan Ryan Hurst - Neil. The sole survivor of a Viking "dragon" vessel shipwrecked on Eastern shores of the New World fifteen years ago provides the only hope for the a Native American tribe faced with certain destruction by Norse berserkers in director Marcus Nispel's The Texas Chainsaw Massacre dark action adventure.

Reared by the Wampanoag Tribe following a failed attempt by the Vikings to raid coastal villages for slaves, a ten year-old shipwreck survivor is nicknamed "Ghost" by his adoptive tribe due to his pale complexion and blond hair.

Legend says that death and destruction will follow the boy wherever he travels, yet the peaceful people of the Wampanoag Tribe selflessly take the frightened child in as if he is one of their own.

Over the course of the following decade, the adopted young Norseman eventually grows into a strong warrior Karl Urban determined to prove his worth to the people he calls family.

When the rampaging Vikings return to the New World to rain destruction down on the Native Americans and to claim the fertile land of the peaceful people, Ghost finds himself in the precarious position of having to stop his own people from destroying his village and ruthlessly slaughtering the woman he loves Moon Bloodgood.

Now, as Ghost's true destiny is revealed by the powerful shaman known as the Pathfinder Russell Meansthe fearless warrior sets out to stage a savage one-man war on the marauding Vikings and become the savior once prophesized to defend the Wampanoag people in their darkest hour.

Fischer - Executive Producer John M. Thunderchild - Elder 1. A newspaper heiress is kidnapped, brainwashed, and forced to a group of terrorist bank robbers in this docudrama, based on the saga of Patricia Hearst.

On February 4, members of the Symbionese Liberation Army, a radical political group, broke into the Berkeley home she shared with her boyfriend and kidnapped her. Hearst then allegedly spent 57 days locked in a closet as she was indoctrinated into the group's revolutionary beliefs by their charismatic leader, Cinque Ving Rhames.

Eventually, Hearst ed or at least pretended to the SLA, adopted the name Tania and participated in a of high-profile bank robberies. Although she claimed her participation in the group was a ruse carried out to protect herself from further rape, torture, and mind control, Hearst eventually served several years in prison after her conviction for bank robbery.

Based on the novel Every Secret Thing, Hearst's own of the events, Paul Schrader's film tells the story from the heiress' own viewpoint, with little in the way of conflicting evidence.

After President Carter ordered her release from prison inHearst went on to act in several films, including Cecil B.

Demented, a John Waters spoof whose plot bears some resemblance to her own life story. At the time of its release, this lavish period war drama from hyperkinetic director Michael Bay became the most expensive motion picture ever green-lighted by a studio.

Rafe is chomping at the bit to get involved in World War II, but America has not entered the conflict, so he is forced to fight on loan to the Royal Air Force in Britain, leaving behind his beautiful girlfriend Evelyn Kate Beckinsale. After Rafe goes overseas, both Danny and Evelyn are transferred to the naval base in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, where word arrives that Rafe has been killed in action.

A grief-stricken Evelyn and Danny become romantically attached, a situation that becomes a lit powder keg when Rafe suddenly reappears, having survived his ordeal in the European war. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor puts the romantic triangle on hold, as the best friends are ordered to undertake a top-secret and highly dangerous retaliatory mission to bomb Tokyo, once again under the command of Doolittle.

Goldie Hawn delivers a surprisingly understated performance allowing the audience to shift their laughter from the usually comic Hawn to the unbelievable storyline in the unsuccessful thriller Deceived.

Hawn plays Adrienne Saunders, a successful art restorer who is married to Jack John Hearda devoted husband who is also an expert in the antiques business.

Married for six years and parents of a charming 5-year-old daughter Mary Ashley Peldonthe Saunders appear to have everything going for them. But after a series of odd occurrences that even an idiot would notice, Adrienne finally comes the conclusion that her husband is not the man she thought he was when she married him.

After Jack tells Mary that he was in Boston but Adrienne's friend tells her she saw him in New York, the mysterious clues begin piling up and are too numerous to ignore: there's a call from a department store concerning some sexy lingerie that Jack purchased; a friend is found murdered after checking on the authenticity of an Egyptian necklace; and there are indications that Jack was involved with a scheme to steal artifacts from a museum.

Adrienne is finally convinced that something is fishy about her husband when he mysteriously dies is an auto wreck, and she discovers that Jack has been using the name of a man who had died 16 years earlier.

Adrienne proceeds to polish her magnifying glass and conducts some detective work on her own to find out who her husband really was. This is when the danger really begins. Kinsella Lawrence Nakamura - Mr.

A troupe of actors are hired to perform for a young boy's birthday at a remote mansion. The party goes well, except for some unusual behavior by the youngster and his grandfather, but then things take a turn for the worse when the police come by to warn everyone that a murderer is roaming loose in the area.

The actors decide the safest thing to do is to stay in the mansion, but soon the bodies start piling up. Could the killer be the old man, the young boy, or one of the actors themselves? Cast: Clotilde Courau Matthieu Vincent Lecoeur Wilfried Alexia Stresi Jeanne Maud Buquet Axel de Fersen Denis Lavant The Policeman Thibault Truffert Nicolas Marie Trintignant The Mother Suzanne MacAleese Friday the 13th director Sean S.

Cunningham helmed this sea-monster opus about a team of engineers on an undersea missile platform who disturb the slumber of a huge, killer crustacean, which soon develops a taste for human-flavored snacks. The rubbery-looking beastie is quite a laugh, but there are some genuine freak-outs as it chomps away at the crew — that is, while they're not reducing their own s through sheer incompetence.

In the end, it's B. One of a dozen-or-so subaqueous Alien clones half of which were produced by Roger Corman deed to trade on the building hype of James Cameron's long-awaited The Abyss, this soggy little picture managed to reach theaters first.

Not that it's the least impressive of the lot — actually, it succeeds on its own terms as a thoroughly intense and fast-paced "B"-monster flick, aided by good performances Evigan is a likable, sensitive hero, and Miguel Ferrer quaffs the scenery as a high-strung jerk. At least it's better than Leviathan, which tells essentially the same story but wastes considerably more money.

A year after foiling the terrorist takeover of a high-rise office building in the first movie, McClane is waiting to pick up his wife Holly Bonnie Bedelia at Dulles International Airport just outside Washington D. Scheduled to arrive the same evening is Ramon Esperanza Franco Neroa South American political figure who is being brought to the United States to stand trial for his role in a drug smuggling ring.

However, a group of terrorists, led by renegade American military officer Col. Stuart William Sadlertake control of the airport, scuttling radio transmissions and placing their own men in the control tower. Stuart and his men ensure that Esperanza's plane lands safely, and then demand that Stuart and his men be given a fully-fueled and free passage wherever they choose to go.

Otherwise, they will guide the many circling jets waiting for landing instructions into definite crash landings, killing the many passengers on board. Not willing to stand aside as terrorists once again threaten his wife's life, the wise-cracking McClane once again leaps into action to foil Stuart's plans and bring the passenger jets safely to the ground.

Grant Reginald VelJohnson - Sgt. Al Powell Art J. The possible ramifications of an act of nuclear terrorism are brought to potent and disturbing life in this docudrama.

Set in the very near future, Dirty War follows a group of Scotland Yard agents who have learned that a terrorist cell in London has manufactured and intend to detonate a "dirty bomb" — a small thermonuclear device that gives off a tremendous amount of radiation so that its deadly effects linger for many months after the explosion.

The police are unable to stop the terrorists before the bomb goes off in London's financial district, and it soon becomes obvious that the city was dangerously ill-prepared for such an event; as hospitals and emergency personnel struggle to deal with the aftereffects of the disaster, officials attempt to downplay the severity of the attack, an action that has unseen consequences of its own.

Comedian Lance Barton Rock is struggling to get his career off the ground when he dies in an untimely bus accident; arriving at the Pearly Gates, he discovers that he's not supposed to have passed on for another 50 years. Barton is not happy with this turn of events, and eventually the Powers That Be send his spirit back to Earth, but for the time being he has to make do with the body of a middle-aged, closed-minded millionaire, Charles Wellington.

Lance falls in love with a young community activist Regina Kingbut he soon finds he has bigger problems at home: the millionaire's wife and her lover are both trying to kill him. The supporting cast includes Mark Addy as an actor passing himself off as an English manservant, Chazz Palminteri as Mr.

King, Heaven's no-nonsense manager, and Eugene Levy as Mr. Keyes, the angel who accidentally ends Barton's life. A selfless teen who has always put the needs of others before her own experiences a personal crisis after setting her best friend up with her handsome new neighbor in an affecting coming-of-age drama starring Agnes Bruckner, Kelli Garner, and Justin Long.

Ever since Audrey's Bruckner mother died, the compassionate year-old has dedicated her life to caring for her still-grieving father John Corbett. Despite her desire to go to college and get an education, Audrey remains at her father's side in the remote New Mexico desert community, and passes her free time away in the company of her best friend, Calista Garner.

Calista wants nothing more than to become the next Miss America, though her dreams of continental acclaim are soon sidelined by a sudden, life-changing illness. In the lazy summer following her high-school graduation, Audrey is surprised to see a couple named Mary Gina Gershon and Herb Chris Mulkey move in to her neighborhood along with their handsome teenage son, Mookie Long.

Though at first Audrey sees Mookie's arrival as a chance to bring a little romance into the life of her friend Calista, after setting the pair up on a date and getting to know her new neighbor a little better, the young matchmaker soon begins to develop feelings for her best friend's new boyfriend.

When you've dedicated your entire existence to bettering the lives of others, how do you find true happiness when the only way to be true to your feelings is to go against everything you've ever stood for? When the news is finally broken to Buddy that he's not a real elf, he decides to head back to his place of birth, New York City, in search of his biological family.

George - Music Editor. Harmony Jones Kim Basinger saw Elvis Presley in concert when she wasand the event had a profound impact on her, as she communicates with the youthful spirit of the King of Rock 'n' Roll on a regular basis.

However, Harmony has notoriously bad luck with Elvis impersonators, who tend to drop dead when she's around. After accidentally running into a carload of Elvis tribute performers, Harmony abandons her career selling cosmetics door to door and hits the road, hoping to outrun the lawmen who are now on her trail.

A Cinderella story turns into a nightmare when a former waitress' perfect marriage gives way to adultery and physical abuse in this combination of domestic drama and revenge thriller. After almost succumbing to the slick flirtation of an insincere customer Noah Wyleshe is rescued by another dashing diner named Mitch Bill Campbell.

A few years later, the now happily married couple seem to have it all — a perfect house, a precocious daughter Tessa Allenand a comfortable life. Then, Slim discovers that Mitch is actually a lothario who has been sleeping with other women behind her back.

When she protests, he slaps her around and uses daughter Gracie as leverage to keep her in line. Slim enlists the help of her friends to escape with her child, though Mitch attacks and very nearly kills her in the process.

Rap star Snoop Doggy Dogg Lány teszi pornó stover mt his debut as a leading man in the title role of Jimmy Bones, stylish protector of a thriving inner-city neighborhood in

Going on the lam, Slim adopts a series of new identities, wigs, and residences to avoid the goons Mitch has sent to retrieve her.

Along the way, she receives help from Joe Dan Futtermana friend and old flame from college. Ultimately, Mitch and his unexpected allies so terrify Slim that she must turn the tables and transform herself from hunted to hunter.

In doing so, she receives some surprise assistance of her own — from Jupiter Fred Wardthe rich father who abandoned her mother years ago.

Although the soundtrack to Enough features the music of star J. Scott - Boom Operator Gregory D. Smith - Extra Casting Trisha A.

Wolowic - Assistant Sound Editor. Young - Instructor Michael P. Escape from L. Los Angeles has finally had the really big earthquake everyone was afraid of, and what remains is now an island.

Because the country's ultra-righteous President-for-Life Cliff Roberton wants it that way, all the weirdos and freaks that ly inhabited New York in large s, and the rest of the U.

The president has Snake taken from the nice, decent prison he was living in for a special mission in L. The president's daughter has ed the resistance movement determined to overthrow his one-man rule, and has stolen his secret "black box" a doomsday machine to boot.

Snake is given a poison which will kill him in a few hours unless he returns to the president for the antidote.

His mission is to recover the black box and kill the president's daughter. Nushawg - Set Deer Patrick M.

Sullivan, Jr. The year is Manhattan Island is now a heavily guarded maximum-security prison, where the scum of the earth have converged. He is aided, not always willingly, by a tough gal Adrienne Barbeau and a manic cab driver Ernest Borgnine. Too long for its own good especially in its expanded video versionEscape from New York is an otherwise excellent chunk of non-think entertainment.

Escape From the Planet of the Apes is the third in the series of films based upon the Planet of the Apes characters created by novelist Pierre Boule. At the end of the second film, the centuries-in-the-future world colonized by simians was destroyed, but apes Cornelius Roddy McDowell and Zira Kim Hunter were able to escape in the space vessel left behind by 20th-century astronaut Charlton Heston.

Cornelius and Zira pass through another time warp, finding themselves in the Earth of the s.

Hölgyek keresnek szex ma este south orange newjersey 7079

When they reveal their ability to speak, the apes are first treated as curiosities, then as threats when the government, believing the story that the Earth will eventually be inherited by monkeys, tries to prevent the birth of Zira's baby.

Given shelter by sympathetic circus-owner Ricardo Montalban, Cornelius and Zira are nonetheless "neutralized" by the government's special forces—but not soon enough to prevent the birth of their highly intelligent chimpanzee baby. What happens to that infant is the subject of the fourth "Apes" entry, 's Conquest of the Planet of the Apes.

Brody Natalie Trundy - Dr. Faulkner Eric Braeden - Dr. Glenn, Sr. Goldie and David Bowie star in this fast-paced, gritty crime thriller. The two are cousins, long-time friends, and fellow gang members.

Ray wants to go straight, have a family and a real job. Terry wants to get back in the business and does so with a vengeance. He makes a killing selling drugs to school kids, enlarges his already sizeable arsenal, and intimidates all who encroach on his turf, especially a mysterious Chinese gang that looks to claim new ground.

During Terry's incarceration, gang matters were left to the button-down super-efficient dealings of Bernie Bowie ; after his release, tensions between the two thugs rapidly build.

Seeing Ray's return to the straight life as weakness, the ever evil Terry kidnaps and tortures Ray's girlfriend.

Ray resolves to get revenge and an ultra-violent shoot out soon ensues. Csak persze amerikai. A young baseball fan sets out on a cross-country quest to recover Babe Ruth's stolen bat and restore his father's good name in a computer animated family adventure that shows you're never too young to be a hero.

Yankee Irving voice of Jake T. Austin may not be the best base-runner in his neighborhood, but his love of the game is about to lead him on the adventure of a lifetime when a legendary baseball bat is stolen from Yankee stadium on his father's watch.

Now determined to get back the bat from the crooked security guard who swiped it voice of William H. Macy and place it back in the grip of the best hitter in baseball history, young Yankee is about to find out just what it's really like to walk out on the diamond to the sounds of a thousand cheering fans.

White - Bully Kid Arnold Voice. Jonathan Elijah Wood is a lifelong collector of any and all objects pertaining to his family, and he has become obsessed with a woman he's never met.

The woman saved the life of his grandfather Safran during World War II, when the city in the Ukraine where he was born was destroyed by Nazi troops.

Wanting to know more about the woman, Jonathan flies to the Ukraine, where with the help of a driver who has claimed to be blind since his wife's death, a good-natured but tongue-tied tour guide and translator named Alex Eugene Hutzand a dog named Sammy Davis Junior Junior, he searches for the meaning of the present that lies buried in the past, unexpectedly shedding the same such light on the lives of those around him.

Everything Is Illuminated was the first directorial asment for acclaimed actor Liev Schreiber. Woody Allen's in-name-only adaptation of the once notorious sexual reference guide by Dr.

David Reuben contains seven episodes based on "helpful" questions answered in the book. In "Do Aphrodisiacs Work? In "Are Transvestites Homosexuals? Bernardo, whose research into human sexuality has led to a fearsome mutation — a foot tall female breast!

Lewis in guessing the erotic obsessions of their guests. And "What Happens During Ejaculation? While the quality of the episodes is uneven, the best rank with the funniest moments of Allen's career, especially Gene Wilder's touching romance with the sheep "I think we can make this work, Daisy" and the final sequence inside the male body "What if he's only masturbating?

I'll end up on the ceiling somewhere! Gallo - First Assistant Director. Lewis - Himself. One of the biggest artists in hip-hop, rapper Jay-Z surprised fans in when he announced he would retire following the release of his hotly anticipated collection The Black Album. Blige, Missy Elliott,? Diddy, and more.

Billed as Jay-Z's final solo performance though he would stage a collaborative tour with R. Kelly in the fall ofFade to Black is a concert documentary that captures both the action on-stage and the celebration behind the scenes; the film also features an inside look at the making of The Black Album.

In this family-friendly comedy, a band of orphans are taken to a summer camp by their accident-prone guardian Harry Leslie Nielsen. However, they soon find that they have to fight to keep the place open when greedy land tycoon Jeffrey Shayes Judge Reinhold decides that he wants to buy the camp — and then tear it down.

Inspired by author Eric Schlosser's New York Times best-seller of the same name, director Richard Linklater's ensemble drama examines the health issues and social consequences of America's love affair with fast food and features an all-star cast that includes Greg Kinnear, Ethan Hawke, Kris Kristofferson, Patricia Arquette, and Luis Guzman.

Mickey's is the most popular fast-food chain in America, and The Big One is the top-selling burger that put them on the map. When the higher-ups at Mickey's corporate offices learn that the frozen meat patties used to make the wildly popular burger have somehow been tainted with contaminated meat, they send marketing executive Don Henderson Kinnear on an urgent mission to ensure quality control and find out precisely how their product became compromised.

It's a long way from the Southern California boardroom to the immigrant slaughterhouses, though, and the further Henderson works his way through the bustling feedlots and toward the ubiquitous restaurant sites that have become a staple of modern culture, the more he begins to realize just how dangerous convenience can become when it le to blissfully ignorant complacency.

Teenaged Ferris Bueller Matthew Broderick is a legend in his own time thanks to his uncanny skill at cutting classes and getting away with it.

Intending to make one last grand duck-out before graduation, Ferris calls in sick, "borrows" a Ferrari, and embarks on a one-day bacchanal through the streets of Chicago.

Dogging Ferris' trail at every turn is high-school principal Rooney Jeffrey Jonesdetermined to catch Bueller in the act of class-cutting. It brightens up considerably in the last few moments, when Ferris' tattletale sister Jennifer Grey decides to align herself with her merry prankster sibling.

The story begins in the yearwith advertising executive Charles Lattimer Mark Harmon escaping his hectic professional life and increasingly dissatisfying marriage to wife Kristen Catherine Hicks by obsessively tinkering with his elaborate model-train set.

Through the aid of a magic stopwatch, Charles boards a real train and is whisked back towhere he inaugurates a romance with attractive widow Laura Brown Mary McDonnell. Traversing back and forth through the years, Charles ultimately finds that he will never truly be happy until he chooses between the "real" world and the world fashioned by his nostalgic imagination.

Everything is running smoothly until his plane skids off the runway. Ben inadvertently saves the life of his seatmate, Sarah Sandra Bullockwho becomes his companion for the longest two days of his life. Mary claims she's the daughter of a British regiment officer although she has no firm evidenceand she sees herself as more British than Indian.

While she takes offense at racist comments, she often states her belief that most of her people are unclean and dishonest, and her personal philosophy is informed by Christianity as much as the Hindu teachings with which she was raised.

When Lily gives birth prematurely, Mary has to find a wet nurse for the child, and she uses this to win greater trust and confidence from Lily; in time, Mary persuades Lily to fire Abraham Prayag Raajthe household's loyal but proudly Indian cook, while she hides the fact that her sister Blossom Neena Gupta is nursing Lily's child.

When not acting, Madhur Jaffrey is an acclaimed Indian chef and author, who has written a series of books on Indian cuisine; her daughter, Sakina Jaffrey, also appears in the film.

Davis Sarah Badel - Mrs. Evans Joanna David - Mrs. Titkolnak valamit, vagy fedeznek valakit.

De ki vagy mi lehet az? A soldier discovers how elusive the truth can be in this first major film about America's role in the Gulf War. Nathaniel Serling Denzel Washington was the commander of a unit during Operation Desert Storm who mistakenly ordered the destruction of what he believed to be an enemy tank, only to discover that it actually held U.

Since then, Serling has been an emotional wreck, drinking heavily and allowing his marriage to teeter on the brink of collapse.

As a means of redeeming himself, Serling is given a new asment by his superior, Gen. Hershberg Michael Moriarty. Karen Walden Meg Ryan was a helicopter pilot who died in battle during the Iraqi conflict, and the White House has proposed that Walden be posthumously awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Serling is asked to investigate Walden's actions on the field of battle, but he quickly discovers that no two stories about her are quite the same; Ilario Matt Damon says Walden acted heroically and sacrificed herself to save the others in her company, while Monfriez Lou Diamond Phillps claims she was a coward who was attempting to surrender to enemy troops.

Meanwhile, reporter Tony Gartner Scott Glenn is hounding Serling, trying to get the inside story on Walden and on Serling's own difficulties. Matt Damon lost 40 pounds to prepare for his role in Courage Under Fire, which resulted in a potentially life-threatening illness for the young actor.

Friendly - Producer Joseph M. Cast: Denzel Washington - Lt. An unknown virus has emerged, and with time running out for all of humanity, it's up to disease expert and former secret agent Colonel Jonathan Smith Stephen Dorff to isolate the source of the outbreak and expose the culprit responsible in an action-packed thriller penned by Bourne Identity author Robert Ludlum.

Colonel Smith is not only one of the country's best-known disease experts, he was also a top agent in the highly classified Covert One agency that reports directly to the president of the United States Academy Award-winner Anjelica Huston.

Now, as a killer virus gives way to a far-reaching conspiracy which points to corruption in the highest ranks, Colonel Smith is charged with the task of tracing the origins of the super-bug to its shocking source.

In the process of saving the world, he's about to find out just how far some people are willing to go to achieve ultimate power.

Directed by Alex Chandon, the gory Cradle of Fear offers four blood-stained tales of revenge. When Kemper, a serial killer of the most disturbing variety, is left to spend the rest of his life rotting in a mental institution, the families of his victims think they can breath a sigh of relief.

The problem is that Kemper has a servant of Satan at his side, and this particular demon isn't hindered by the walls of an asylum.

One by one, Kemper's assistant referred to as "The Man" wreaks his revenge on the outside world. Meanwhile, it isn't certain that the emotionally scarred detective Neilson's efforts to catch the perpetrator won't be reciprocated in his own murder. Cradle of Fear also features Dani Filth.

A man finds his personal and professional loyalties divides by his new career at a casino in this crime drama.

Jack Manfred Clive Owen is a cocky, supremely confident man who wants to be a writer.

Jack's long struggle to finish his first novel has landed him deep in debt, and his father Nicholas Ball volunteers to get him a job in a casino in London. While Jack doesn't gamble himself, he has the dexterity and enough contempt for the game to be a good dealer.

He's soon making a tidy living as a dealer, despite the objections of his girlfriend, Marion Gina McKeewho thinks his job is taking him away from his true calling as a writer. Against the orders of his boss, Jack has a fling with Bella Kate Hardieanother dealer at the casino, and allows himself to be seduced by one of his customers, Jani Alex Kingston.

However, it turns out Jani wants more than sex from Jack; she and her compatriots have a plan to rob the casino and they want Jack to be their man on the inside. Small-town America is the key setting for this tale of four West Texas high-school pals who vowed to leave their tiny town after graduation and head for L.

Keller Breckin Meyer is ready to walk, but his goals are formless. Squirrel Ethan Embrywho lives with his alcoholic father in a rundown trailer, should find escape easy, but he finds reasons to stay, as does John Hemphill Eddie Millsa young man more suited for life as a rancher.

Leaving was something the quartet dreamed about since age 11, but the actual departure requires ripping up some roots. Will they do it? Lusk Michael O'Neill - Mr. A XVI. Positioned outside of the Venetian court, Veronica Franco Catherine McCormack hopes to rise above her station, but her interest in nobleman's son Marco Venier Rufus Sewell is blocked since his parents forbid their marriage.

Following the path taken by her mother, Paola Jacqueline BissetVeronica becomes a courtesan, finding this gives her a niche in the male-dominated society.

When Vatican emissaries accuse her of witchcraft, she lashes back, using the trial as a feminist forum to expose the hypocrisies of the period. Two men cut off from the world in different ways become unlikely friends and protectors in this offbeat action drama.

Danny Jet Li is a physically powerful but emotionally stunted man; never given any sort of proper education, Danny has learned little in his lifetime but how to fight, and his minder, Bart Bob Hoskinstreats him more like a guard dog than anything else, using him in illegal no-holds-barred brawls that earn Bart plenty of money but only reinforce Danny's violent alienation.

When Bart is injured in an auto accident, Danny is left to fend for himself, and stumbles upon Sam Morgan Freemanan elderly piano tuner who has lost his sight. Sam is the first person to treat Danny with kindness, and the music he plays soothes the troubled soul of the fighter.

Gloucester masszázs Parramatta-ban

The godfather of the Hong Kong action spectacular, Tsui Hark adapts Chang Cheh's martial arts masterpiece The One-Armed Swordsman into a two-fisted yarn about violence and revenge. On Zhao Wenzhou is a nebbish orphan working at sword manufacturers.

When he learns of first the vicious murder of a local holy man and later of the equally vicious slaying of his own father at the hands of barbarous band of bandits, he vows revenge. His early attempts at justice go horribly — he loses his right arm in an ambush. Though On recovers after being nursed back to health by a recluse, he remains an outcast in the world of warriors.

After dogged training, he invents a new fighting technique that proves to be quick and powerful enough to thwart the baddies — especially the psychopathic bandit leader Lung Xiong Xinxin.

This film — along with Wong Kar-wai's brilliant Ashes of Time — is considered to be the high-water mark of the swordplay genre that gained popularity in the mid-'90s.

Though the initial housewarming party is widely celebrated by neighbors, their houseguests become steadily fewer as a series of creepy happenings indicate that the house is home to more than their family. Sure enough, the lights begin to flicker incessantly on and off, while Mark's Huntington's disease makes a comeback after a ten-year dormancy.

Regina Paquin expects that the problem stems from the house itself, but no one believes her. Determined to prove her case particularly after mysterious noose marks begin to appear on her brother's neckRegina decides to pay a visit to the man Fermi Rexach who built the house to begin with.

Children have a very good reason to be afraid of the dark in this flashy horror story. Matilda Dixon was a genially eccentric woman who, in the s, lived in a New England town known as Darkness Falls.

Matilda was well known to the local children for her habit of paying them for teeth they'd lost, but when two youngsters mysteriously disappeared, Matilda was lynched by an angry mob wrongly convinced that she had murdered the kids.

In the yearformer Darkness Falls resident Kyle Walsh Chaney Kley lives in Las Vegas and is still desperately afraid of the dark since hood run-in with the ghost of Matilda Dixon left him severely traumatized. While police and psychiatrists scoffed at Kyle's stories about Matilda's spirit, his childhood friend Caitlin Emma Caulfield is alarmed when her nine-year-old brother Michael Lee Cormie begins having nightmares very much like those which disturbed Kyle's rest for years.

Like Kyle, Michael has little luck convincing most grown-ups that the white-robed specters he sees in the dark are real, so Caitlin asks Kyle to return to Darkness Falls to help get to the bottom of his story.

Murphy Peter Curtin - Dr. Das Boot is one of the most gripping and authentic war movies ever made.

There's very little plot, so the movie's power comes from both its riveting, epic battle scenes and its details of the boring hours spent waiting for orders or s of the enemy.

With the exception of one staunch Hitler Youth lieutenant, none of the crew is particularly loyal to the Nazis, and some are openly hostile toward their Fuhrer; this allows viewer sympathy with the men as they perform their laborious, monotonous duties in cramped, filthy quarters, or await death as depth charges explode all around the sub.

The real star, however, is cinematographer Jost Vacano, who makes the sub's grimy, claustrophobic interior come to vivid life, as his camera follows the crew through hatches, up ladders, into bunks, and under pipes, creating a palpable sense of claustrophobia while injecting it with movement.

Herbert Gronemeyer - Lt. A man taking part in a scientific study finds the fine line between play-acting and reality has been blurred beyond recognition in this taut drama.

Tarek Fahd Moritz Bleibtreu is a journalist who is temporarily making ends meet by driving a taxi when he sees an advertisement offering 4, marks to people willing to submit to a psychological experiment. Intrigued, Tarek offers to take part in the study and persuades one of his former editors to help him work up a story about his experiences.

Recording the events using a special high-tech video camera hidden in his glasses, Tarek arrives for the two-week experiment to discover half of the volunteers will pose as prison guards and the other half will be their prisoners.

Before long the behavior of the subjects suggests more than just make-believe; "inmate" Tarek, in particular, is unwilling to take abuse from the "guards" and makes no secret of his contempt, while Berus Justus VonDohnanyi begins playing a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse with Tarek.

Tarek, meanwhile, begins escaping reality by fantasizing about Dora Maren Eggerta woman with whom he had a brief fling before taking part in the experiment. Jutta Grimm Edgar Selge - Dr.

Klaus Thon Antoine Monot, Jr. A 16th Century Spanish sheriff presiding over a provincial city attempts to solve a gruesome series of murders in this period thriller starring Christopher Lambert.

When a of high-ranking nobles are found viciously slaughtered with large letters carved into their chests, it's up to haggard-but-honest lawman Ruy de Mendoza Lambert to crack the case.

As he gets ever closer to the elusive killer, however, it soon becomes obvious that there is much more at stake than Mendoza originally thought, and that his relentless quest for the truth could very well cost him his life if he's not careful. This Dutch adventure drama chronicles the birth and preservation of a Flemish legend.

The tale begins in midth century Flanders when Spain ruled the area. A peasant revolt is in progress and a gang of rebels is seen lugging the giant head of a statue onto Nettelneck's farm.

Just then the Spanish arrive and only one rebel survives the invasion. The rebel makes love to the farmer's wife and then leaves. She later bears a son. A few years later this boy, who is ostracized by the community, meets Campanelli, an Italian minstrel who claims to have witnessed the massacre and the boy's creation.

He then fancifully spins a yarn about the curious lad's father, telling him that his father lives and helms a fabulous ship. He also tells the boy, his father can fly. Director Shusuke Kaneko picks up right where Death Note left off with this sequel to the box-office phenomenon that finds Light finally giving in to his dark side.

In the first Death Note, Light Tetsuya Fujiwara focused his wrath on the criminal element, but these days the troubled teen is a bit more hasty in wielding his deadly pen.

Komfort masszázs barrie

Lately Light has taken to eliminating just about anyone who happens to get on his bad side - a disturbing development that finds the police stepping up their efforts to discover the mysterious killer's true identity. Public opinion is split about what to make of Light's murderous exploits: while some view him as a godsend others deride him for assuming the roles of judge, jury and executioner.

To the regular citizens, Light has taken on a godlike role and is frequently referred to as Kira a katakana variation on the work "killer".

It seems that L Kenichi Matsuyama is hot on Light's trail, and as the clueless police task force continues to speculate Light does his best to throw L's investigation off balance. When yet another notebook is dropped by death god Rem, adorable television personality Misa Amane Erika Toda discovers it and realizes that she now has the power to identify other notebook owners.

Now, despite the fact that Light and Misa fall for each other hard, Light knows that their relationship can only end in disaster and attempts to keep his distance despite a growing emotional attachment to the pretty popular icon.

When an initiation ceremony goes awry and five college girls become stranded in a haunted sanatorium with a wicked past, they struggle to uncover the dark secrets that lie within and make it out alive in filmmaker Philip Adrian Booth's dark tale of supernatural terror. Deep within the darkened halls of a massive Kentucky sanatorium built in63, lives were lost to the mysterious "White Plague.

As the terrified girls fall one by one to the vengeful specters, the discovery of a massive, foot underground tunnel used to dispose of the bodies may provide the only escape from a world where the cold hand of death maintains a frightful grip on the pulse of the living.

The plot of this action film begins inwith Los Angeles in a violence-crazed conflagration. One of the LAPD's most notorious cops, John Spartan Sylvester Stalloneknown as "the demolition man," is in hot pursuit of blonde-haired psychopath Simon Phoenix Wesley Snipeswho is so nasty he even kills sometimes just because he feels cranky.

John captures Simon, but not before Simon kills innocent hostages. John is blamed for the deaths of the hostages, and both he and Simon are cryogenically frozen to remove their brand of ultra-violence from a society that is simply just violent.

The film shifts to the future world ofwhere Los Angeles has become a megalopolis called San Angeles. Into this peaceful and bland society, Simon is summarily defrosted by reigning benevolent dictator Dr.

But Cocteau bites off more than he can chew when the melted down Simon proceeds to go on a murder and looting spree. Reluctantly, Cocteau defrosts John to hunt down his old adversary.

As John adjusts to self-driving cars and having sex wearing helmets, he pairs up with Lenina Huxley Sandra Bullocka bored cop with a nostalgic fascination for 20th-century culture. John is blamed for the deaths of the hostages, and both he and Simon are cryogenically frozen to remove their brand of ultra-violence from a society that is simply just too violent.

But Cocteau bites off more than he can chew when the melted-down Simon proceeds to go on a murder-and-looting spree. Director Tom Tykwer followed up his international hit Lola Rennt with this drama, which also examines young people living on the edges of the law.

Sisi Franka Potente is an attractive but withdrawn woman who works in a psychiatric clinic, while Bodo Benno Furmann is looking to make some quick money after his recent release from the army.

Bodo robs a gas station and is fleeing on foot when he accidentally causes Sisi to be hit by a truck. Realizing she's seriously injured, Bodo comes to Sisi's rescue and performs an emergency tracheotomy on her before he escapes again.

Sisi, who is often pursued by men but shies away from their advances, finds that she longs to meet the mysterious Bodo again, and eventually tracks him down to a hideout he shares with his brother Walter Joachim Krol. Bodo and Walter angrily send Sisi away, but she unexpectedly encounters them when they pull a robbery at a bank where she's running an errand.

Mandarin keleti norwichi masszázs happy ending

Bodo and Walter are caught in a shootout with police, and Sisi helps to spirit Bodo away to the clinic where she works, trying to spare him the grim news that Walter was killed in the melee.

In addition to serving as writer and director, Tom Tykwer also composed the musical score for The Princess and the Warrior in collaboration with Johnny Klimek and Reinhold Heil.

InHenri Kremer Ulrich Matthes is a Catholic priest who, like three thousand other Catholic clergymen, has been sent to the Dachau prison camp by Nazi authorities for espousing his faith and speaking out against the Axis leadership. Shortly after Kremer receives word that his mother has passed away, he's pulled from the ranks at the camp and sent to Luxembourg, where he used to live and lead a congregation.

While Kremer at first believes his well-connected family has arranged for his release, he soon finds this is not the case — Untersturmfuehrer Gebhardt August Diehla ranking member of the Gestapo, informs Kremer that he's been given a nine-day respite from the camp for a special asment.

Kremer is well acquainted with Bishop Philipp Hilmar Thateleader of Luxembourg's Catholic community, and the Nazis want the bishop to a letter pledging full cooperation with German authorities, something he has been unwilling even to discuss. Gebhardt wants Kremer to persuade the bishop to the document; if Kremer fails to meet this goal, he's told 18 priests from Luxembourg currently in Dachau will all be killed.

What Gebherdt prefers not to mention is that if he can't find a way to secure the bishop's cooperation, he'll be transferred from his comfortable post to a death camp in Eastern Europe. Berlin, The last ten days of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime are seen through the eyes of a young woman in his employ in this historical drama from Germany.

In April ofJunge was still working for Hitler as Allied forces were bearing down on Germany and the leader retreated to a secret bunker in Berlin for what would prove to be the last ten days of his life, as well as that of the Third Reich.

Hitler refuses to leave Berlin, and he spends his final days ranting and raving to Junge, blaming all around him as he tries to understand where his leadership went wrong. Meanwhile, Goebbels and his wife round up their six children and bring them to the bunker as Berlin begins to topple, determined to take their lives rather than face the Allies after Germany's certain defeat.

Director Donna Deitch makes a strong impression in her first feature film, a simple story of a lesbian love affair, based on Jane Rule's novel Desert of the Heart. Helen Shaver stars as Vivian Bell, an uptight year-old Columbia University professor who travels to Reno to get a divorce.

She arrives in Reno on her way to Frances Parker's Audra Lindley ranch, where she is staying to establish six weeks of residency in order to obtain the divorce. Once at the ranch, Vivian catches the fancy of Frances's adopted daughter Cay Patricia Charbonneaua casino worker ten years younger than herself.

Vivien tries to remain unruffled as Cay makes unabashed overtures to her. Cay thinks that all Vivian needs is the love of another woman, and soon enough the two are in each other's arms. Bosworth Mickey Rourkea brutal criminal on the run with his partners, takes over a house occupied by an unhappily married couple Nora Mimi Rogers and Tim Anthony Hopkins and their young son and daughter.

Bosworth has escaped from jail with the help of his defense attorney Nancy Breyers Kelly Lynch.

The film focuses on the interactions of the family and Bosworth as he plans his escape to Mexico. Cimino wastes little time in developing the characters or explaining the implausible premise that Bosworth would chose an occupied house and hold an innocent family captive when the logical choice would be to lay low and wait for his chance to escape.

Both Hopkins and Rourke, usually excellent actors, give wildly over-the-top performances, aided by the lurid, over-written dialogue of the screenplay and the badly paced, ill-conceived direction by Cimino, which instead of creating tension and suspense, simply confuses the already muddled and incomprehensible plot.

A confidence man discovers too late that he's on the other end of a dangerous scam in this tense thriller from England. Leo Garfield John Hannah is a small-time gambler and con artist who is eager to get out of the business.

Bruno Brian Conleya brutal underworld leader, wants Leo to manage his gaming operations. While he's in no position to say no, Leo doesn't want to work for the unstable gangster. Hoping to raise enough money so that he and his wife Lily Famke Janssen can leave the country, Leo agrees to murder Gloria Amanda Donohoethe wife of a mobster named Julius Peter Stormare.

However, Bruno's brother Caspar Ian Burfield is convinced that Leo is up to no good, and he hopes to get some information from Lily by passing on unwelcome news — Elmo Fred WardLily's former partner in crime, has just been released from prison, and he wants revenge for her betrayal of him after a bungled robbery.

The epic saga of the Queen of Egypt gets yet another retelling in Cleopatra, a four-hour, two-part spectacular produced for television. Leonor Varela plays Cleopatra, the Egyptian monarch who uses her wisdom, charm, ruthlessness, and seductive powers to work her way into the heart and bed of Roman leader Julius Caesar Timothy Dalton.

A Chris Columbus Lány teszi pornó stover mt.

But Cleopatra shifts her romantic alliances to Marc Anthony Billy Zane just in time for Caesar's death and Anthony's rise to the throne. When Rome goes to war, however, Cleopatra realizes that she can only remain in power for so long, eventually making a late date with an asp when things get especially grim.

This is at least the 12th film based on Cleopatra's life the best-known being the infamously expensive version starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Patrick Marber's acclaimed stage drama about the romantic interactions of four people has been given a reverent screen adaptation by director and producer Mike Nichols.

Dan Jude Law is a writer in London who wants to finish a novel, but in the meantime supports himself by writing obituaries.

One day he chances upon Alice Natalie Portmana beautiful young American expatriate, when he sees her get hit by a car.

Alice immediately falls for Dan, and gives him her love without reservation. Dan is initially enchanted with Alice, and returns her affection, but while she inspires him to write his novel based on her lifeher neediness begins to wear on him.

Anna Julia Roberts is a photographer who is hired to take a portrait of Dan for the dust jacket of his book; Dan is attracted to her easy confidence, and while the two of them flirt, Anna soon inadvertently through Dan's playful machinations meets Larry Clive Owena dermatologist, and marries him.

Dan can't get Anna out of his mind even though she's married, and the two become lovers, but Dan is frustrated by the fact that Anna is reluctant to leave Larry for him. Patrick Marber wrote the screenplay for this adaptation of Closer; it was the playwright's first feature-film credit.

Jim Jarmusch's black-and-white feature Coffee and Cigarettes contains three vignettes originally released as short films along with separate yet somewhat related sketches.

As the title suggests, most of the vignettes involve famous people smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee.

Pony Expressz Pony Express - Lány teszi pornó stover mt.

Cast: Roberto Benigni Steven J. In the mid-'90s, an Englishman by the name of Alan Conway John Malkovich conned many people into believing that he was the reclusive American director Stanley Kubrick, despite the fact that Conway was openly gay, bore no physical resemblance to Kubrick, and knew little about the director's work.

Conway's story has been loosely adapted into the comedic feature Colour Me Kubrick. Anthony Frewin, who worked as Kubrick's personal assistance for many years, wrote the script, and Brian Cook, who served as Kubrick's assistant director on several films, including Barry Lyndon and Eyes Wide Shut, marks his directorial debut with the film.

Colour Me Kubrick follows Conway on a of adventures, wherein he cadges drinks, cash, sex, and more from unsuspecting victims, ranging from a heavy metal band to a wine bar owner Richard E.

Grant to a British lounge singer British television comic Jim Davidson making his feature-film debutwho are awestruck by his purported fame and fortune, and willing to overlook Conway's genuinely bizarre behavior in the hopes of impressing the great director.

Conway's act reached its pinnacle when he temporarily pulled the wool over the eyes of then-New York Times theater critic Frank Rich William Hootkins. The French production had its international premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival. Starr - Executive Producer Daniel J. Shortly after The Terminator wrote his name in bold neon lights across box-office grosses, this action thriller took advantage of the hitherto almost unexploited comic side of star Arnold Schwarzenegger and paired him with Rae Dawn Chong.

Colonel Matrix Schwarzenegger is retired and living peaceably with his year-old daughter when she is kidnapped by the henchmen of an exiled Latin American dictator.

The dictator's plan is to reinstate himself in power by eliminating the president of his country, using Matrix to kill him or he will kill the kidnapped daughter. Matrix escapes from the plane that is supposed to be carrying him to his mission and then proceeds to go from one violent confrontation to the next as he hunts down the dictator and moves to rescue his daughter.

Helping him is Cindy Chongwho has her own reasons for wanting the dictator dead. Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger - Col.

The search for life outside our solar system becomes a personal and spiritual quest for a young researcher. Ellie Arroway Jodie Foster is a scientist who lost her faith in God after her parents died when she was.

However, Ellie has learned to develop a different sort of faith in the seemingly unknowable: working with a group that monitors radio waves from space, Ellie hopes that some day she will receive a coherent message from another world that will prove that there is a world beyond our own.

Ellie's hard work is rewarded when her team picks up a al that does not appear to be of earthly origin. Ellie decodes the message, which turns out to be plans for a space craft, which she takes as an invitation for a meeting with the aliens.

Ellie and her fellow researchers soon run into interference from a White House scientific advisor, David Drumlin Tom Skerrittwho cuts off their funding and tries to take credit for their achievements.

However, Ellie receives moral support from Palmer Joss Matthew McConaugheya spiritual teacher who advises President Clinton and tries to persuade her to accept the existence of a higher power, and financial backing from S.

Hadden John Hurta multi-millionaire willing to fund her attempts to contact the source of the message. Contact was based on a novel by Carl Sagan, who advised director Robert Zemeckis during the film's production until his death in Hart - Screenwriter Dr.

James - t Chief. It's been a long and hard life for death-row inmate Lee Ray Oliver Ray Liottaand by the time he is strapped to the gurney to be executed by lethal injection, his death sentence seems more like sweet release than ultimate punishment for a lifetime of crime.

Awakening stunned and confused after being pronounced deceased by the prison doctor, Lee Ray is given a second chance at life on the one condition that he take part in a secret experimental treatment deed by revolutionary scientist Dr.

Miles Copeland Willem Dafoe to cure him of his criminal instinct once and for all. Despite being granted a new name and new hope, the treatment soon falls to pieces when Lee Ray's past returns to haunt him — forcing him to once again revert to his old sociopathic mindset.

Miles Copeland Michelle Rodriguez. The CB citizen's band radio fad had nearly run its course when this feel-good action film was made by director Sam Peckinpah.

In the story, based on C. McCall's song "Convoy", a group of struggling truckers who stay in touch by CB run into a situation which ignites their indignation.

They arrange to form a truck convoy under the leadership of the man whose CB nickname is "Rubber Duck" Kris Kristofferson.

He is the most aggrieved of the bunch, having been harassed beyond the point of endurance by Lyle Wallace Ernest Borgnine a blackmailing traffic cop who pursues him ever more frantically through several states after he fails to submit to the phony speed trap he had set up.

As news of the truck convoy spre, unexpected allies the line, and the now-gigantic illegal protest becomes the subject of national news reports. Sherman - Producer C. Norton - Screenwriter Harry Stradling, Jr. After surviving a brutal car wreck, commercial director James Ballard finds himself slowly drawn to a mysterious subculture of people who have transformed automobile accidents into erotic events.

Like the J. Ballard novel that inspired it, David Cronenberg's study of the sexual dimension of man's relationship to technology was a magnet for controversy, drawing a NC rating and criticism from several sources, including studio owner Ted Turner, who attempted to prevent the film's American release.

But though some have leveled charges of pornography, James' descent into this fetishistic underworld is approached with cold, scientific detachment. Characters like Vaughn, the charismatic group leader who stages recreations of celebrity car crashes, seem more like driven researchers than sexual renegades, which is undoubtedly part of the film's point.

This impression is reinforced by the pristine cinematography by Peter Suschitzsky, which proves particularly haunting during a crucial accident scene, and Howard Shore's superb score.

Far from exploitative, Crash in fact proves less transgressive than the original novel, but is still undoubtedly not for all tastes. A man with a secret forms an uneasy alliance with an opportunistic reporter in this drama from Mexico.

Manolo Bonilla John Leguizamo is a broadcast journalist for a Latin-American tabloid television series who has been sent to Ecuador to cover the funeral services of three children who fell victim to a mass murderer known as "the Monster of Babahoyo. The crowd assembled to pay their respects flies into a rage, pulling Cepeda from his car and nearly killing him.

Bonilla's intervention ends up saving Cepeda's life, but the reporter is ashamed to admit that he and his cameraman didn't break through the crowd to save the driver, but in hopes of getting a better shot of those beating him.

Cepeda is jailed for manslaughter, and when Bonilla visits him behind bars, he shares some unexpected news with the reporter — he claims to know the identity of "the Monster of Babahoyo," and also knows where the killer has buried other victims.

Cepeda is willing to share this information if Bonilla can help get him out of jail, but instead of handing the information to the police, Bonilla decides to investigate himself, certain that another scoop on the case will boost his ratings and his career.

With their absent parents travelling in Europe, the wealthy pair have the family penthouse to themselves as they while away their summer break before beginning senior year at a private high school. Sebastian, bad-boy lothario, has apparently slept with all the girls in town and appears numb to it all.

Kathryn, who appears to be the good girl class president, is actually far more amoral and malicious than Sebastian, but maintains appearances to the contrary.

She challenges Sebastian to deflower Cecile and transform her into a tramp to humiliate Court. Sebastian isn't as interested as Cecile — she's spent her whole life in a Catholic girl's school and presents no challenge.

The girl who has caught his attention is Annette Hargrove Reese Witherspoonthe new headmaster's daughter. Annette had written an article for Seventeen Magazine on her plans to stay a virgin until she finds her one true love.

Kathryn makes a wager. If Sebastian fails to lure Annette into bed before the summer is over, Kathryn gets his car. If he succeeds, Sebastian gets Kathryn, whom he wants anyway.

Sebastian accepts the bet, but Annette turns out to be more than either of them bargained for.

Formerly a boxer, Raphael turned his back on pugilism Lány teszi pornó stover mt has gone into auto repair, though both Raphael and his brother, Manu Yann Tregouetboth have a keen interest in the local Thai boxing scene.

Tiffany has just married again, and Kathryn is not getting along well with her new stepbrother Sebastian Robin Dunnewho is just as skilled in the venomous art of social gamesmanship as Kathryn. Together they negotiate the tricky paths of sexual and personal power at their upscale private high school, Manchester Prep.

However, the show's portrayal of sexually voracious teens sparked a controversy in the press, and Fox opted to cancel the series before the two episodes that had been completed ever aired.

The footage from the completed shows was combined with new material created by Kumble to make this feature. Moritz - Producer. Seduction and betrayal among the teenaged idle rich is once again the order of the day in this, the second straight-to-video sequel to the hit Cruel Intentions. Cassidy Merteuil Kristine Anapau is an outwardly charming but conniving and manipulative student at an exclusive Santa Barbara prep school.

A big lie told in fun has deadly consequences in this horror story. A group of students at an exclusive private school decide to have some fun by creating an urban legend and seeing how far it will spread.

When a woman is murdered not far from the school's campus, the students create an elaborate mythology about a serial killer known as "the Wolf," whose motives and methods would make him a likely culprit for the recent crime. However, when other people begin dying at the hands of "the Wolf," the students are forced to admit to their lie in hopes of stopping the killings.

But will anyone believe them? And how does the real-life killer know so much about the backstory of "the Wolf"? Ritzi - Stunts Coordinator. Based on a popular Japanese comic, this stylish, romantic French-Canadian actioner features many exciting pyrotechnic effects, elegantly executed murders, and some nifty-doodle gadgets, but very little on-screen bloodshed as it follows the adventures of Yo, one of the world's greatest hit men.

Yo works for a mysterious Chinese organization and has been given the dubious honor of being called Freeman, the name the tong gives to its chief enforcer.

Yo doesn't want the honor, but there is little he can do; obligation is more important than personal want. Still, after each killing, Yo sheds a few tears for the victims.

One day he bumps into Emu O'Hara, a beautiful painter who has avoided people after mobsters killed her father, who was a rigidly honest judge determined to wipe out crime.

Emu witnesses Yo's killing three Yakuza on a rugged stretch of California coastline where she is painting. Yo sees her see him, and though they never speak, both know that necessity dictates she be his next victim.

Following the police investigation of the killings, Emu goes back to Vancouver, BC. This low-budget science-fiction drama, winner of a Toronto Film Festival prize for "Best Canadian First Feature," depicts the plight of a group of people clad in prison-style uniforms and trapped in futuristic cube-like metal cells.

Their memories are hazy; no one can recall how they got there. Alderson Julian Richings awakens in a cell, seeks an exit, and arrives in an adjacent cube where he's sliced and diced.

Former cop Quentin Maurice Dean-Wint becomes the group leader, and he's challenged by conspiracy theorist Dr. Holloway Nicky Guadagni. Government worker Worth David Hewlett remembers a past government link to the project. A discovery that the cubes have numerical codes suggests study by math-student Leaven Nicole deBoer while former thief Rennes Wayne Robson knows some escape tricks.

However, the extreme behavior of Kazan Andrew Miller becomes a threat to their survival. In this Canadian-filmed sequel to what else? The Cube, eight strangers awaken in a cube-shaped room with no idea of where they've come from or how they arrived. All they do know is that they've been plunged into a fourth-dimensional netherworld where all physical laws seem to be made up as they go along.

Presented with cryptic clues as to the nature of their plight, the tiny group desperately tries to find a way out of their constantly shape-shifting environment, certain that if they don't escape, they will die slow but spectacular deaths.

Phil Rosenzweig. The sci-fi-flavored suspense of Cube continues as a new group of prisoners navigate the treacherous confines of their futuristic trappings in this prequel from Cube 2 screenwriter and first-time director Ernie Barbarash. Each step is potentially the last as the deadly last traps hidden in the sparse rooms find the s of the unwilling prisoners quickly thinning.

Only when they can figure out the mysteries of their constantly changing prison will the surviving inmates have any hope for escape, and even then there is no guarantee of freedom — much less survival.

As the cube workers who monitor the prisoners progress bear witness to their increasingly grim bid for survival, a sudden sting of remorse finds one of the employees empathizing with the victims and plotting to assist them in their unlikely escape.

Geena Davis stars in this adventure saga as the most swashbuckling female pirate to ever lay waste to the seven seas.

Morgan Adams Davis is the daughter of a pirate who has followed in her father's footsteps. When he dies, he passes along his ship, a crew of bandits, and one third of a treasure map which happens to be tattooed on his skull.

Morgan is eager to search out the rest of the map and retrieve the riches, but the fragment she holds is in Latin.

Morgan then buys a well-educated slave, William Shaw Matthew Modinewho can read the ancient language and already has a taste for the criminal life. However, Morgan and William are not long into their search when they discover that someone else is following the same trail for the rest of the treasure map: Dawg Brown Frank LangellaMorgan's uncle and as black-hearted a scurvy dog as ever boarded a ship.

As Morgan and Dawg battle each other over the fragments of the map, a British journalist Maury Chaykin covers their feud for the penny press. William Shaw was originally to have been played by Michael Douglas, who dropped out in the early stages of this troubled production.

Blair Peter Geeves - Fiddler Pirate. Jackie Chan tones down the martial arts action but turns up the international espionage in this globe-trotting adventure.

Buck Yuen Jackie Chan is a sporting goods salesman from Hong Kong who daydreams of living the exciting and dangerous life of an international spy.

One day, Buck makes the news after he accidentally stops a gang of bank robbers from getting away with the loot, and his brief moment of celebrity attracts the attention of Many Liu Eric Tsanga low-rent private detective who's looking for help with a missing person's case.

One of Many's clients is looking for his long-lost son, and Many thinks Buck is just the guy to help track him down. Buck s on, and is sent to Korea, where he meets a mysterious man named Mr. Park; Buck doesn't think he's the man Many wants, but he wonders if he might be his own father, who disappeared when he was.

Buck makes the acquaintance of Carmen Kim Min-jeongan attractive journalist who tips off Buck that Mr. Park is actually an infamous North Korean espionage agent; Buck confronts Mr.

Park, who has suddenly fallen ill, and Park on his deathbed tells Buck a riddle that, if properly decoded, could lead him to a great fortune. As Buck and Carmen try to unravel the mystery of Mr.

Park's final words, their adventures lead them to Istanbul, where the fate of millions is suddenly put into Buck's hands when he discovers a deadly biological weapon coveted by Mr. Zen Wu Hsing-kuoa ruthless Chinese crime boss.

Zen Alfred Cheung - Cheung. Pierre Salvadori's romantic farce Apres vous In this action comedy, a crook trying to go straight finds himself lured back to crime by the police, without his even knowing it. Jasper is jailed and ends up sharing a cell with Alvin Sanders Jamie Foxxa habitual small-time criminal who was brought in after a bungled robbery of a seafood wholesaler.

Jasper, who has a weak heart, suffers a heart attack in jail, and as he dies, he gives Alvin a message to pass along to his wife. Eager to track down Bristol, who still has the gold, Clenteen has Alvin secretly implanted with an experimental tracking device, and then lets him go free, while spreading the word on the street that Jasper told him where the gold was stashed shortly before his death.

While Alvin makes an effort to start his life over and get a straight job, Clenteen and his staff are electronically following his every move, waiting for Bristol and his associates to track him down. Bait was directed by Antoine Fuqua, whose credit was the stylish crime thriller The Replacement Killers.

Jarrett - Electrician Susan R. One of the most popular television series of the late '70s science fiction boom gets a new look for the new millennium in remake, created as a made-for-cable miniseries. Four decades after the Cylon Wars, the Cylon robots some of whom have since assumed human form have launched a vicious nuclear attack, leaving only a few Colonial forces to lead the survivors to safety.

Led by starship commander Adama Edward James Olmos and politician and possible presidential successor Laura Roslin Mary McDonnellthe crew of the Battlestar Galactica searches the galaxy for the mythic 13th Colony of Kobol otherwise known as Earththeir destination and only hope for survival.

Underworld hipster Chili Palmer is back in the entertainment business in this sequel to the hit Get Shorty, which like the first film is based on a novel by Elmore Leonard. Gangster-turned-movie producer Chili once again played by John Travolta has grown tired of the screen trade, especially after his latest project turned out to be a box-office flop.

Chili is looking for new horizons and thinks he may have found his niche when his close friend Tommy Athens James Woodsa fellow mobster who runs an independent record label, is murdered by Russian gangsters.

Edie is an experienced hand in record production, and together she and Chili spot what would seem to be the ideal act for their label — Linda Moon Christina Miliana beautiful young woman with a powerhouse voice.

Chili isn't much concerned about Linda's contract with Raji, but Raji certainly is, and the manager soon takes out a contract on Chili with the same Russian hoods who killed Tommy.

Soon Chili is facing all the action he can handle between the Russian gunmen, a music mogul named Nick Carr Harvey Keitel who wants Chili to stay out of the business, and Sin LaSalle Cedric the Entertainera successful hip-hop producer who wants Chili to pay him thedollars he is owed by Tommy.

Be Cool also features appearances by The Rock as a gay Samoan bodyguard, Andre Benjamin aka Andre from the hip-hop duo Outkast as a rapper who isn't very good with a gun, and Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler as himself. A woman scorned unleashes her fury in this droll comedy based on a story by W.

Somerset Maugham. Bening is a famous and well-respected actress, but though her life in the limelight seems glamorous, things are not going well for her off-stage.

Julia's husband is unfaithful to her and not especially discreet about ither son is angry with her, and she's afraid she's losing her looks and allure as she advances further into middle age.

In the midst of this, Julia meets a handsome and dashing young American named Tom, who is close friends with Julia's son. Tom makes no secret of his attraction to Julia, and the feeling is mutual, leading the two into a torrid affair. But, while Julia at first dives into this adulterous romance with little care for how it could affect her reputation, she becomes livid with rage when she learns that Tom is also involved with a younger actress, and is only using Julia to advance his own career in the theater.

Julia plots an elaborate revenge against Tom in a scheme that will help her win back the pride and confidence life has recently stripped from her.

Taylorville il bi horney háziasszonyok

Starr - Executive Producer Daniel J. Although there is nothing to fault in the singing itself, some viewers may feel that director Rosi has stayed closer to a stage production than the medium of film would warrant.

Carmen received the Cesar award for "Best Sound. This low-rent Disney comedy mines the Home Alone territory for labored laughs. Brian Bonsall stars as the eleven-year-old Preston Waters, who is low-kid on the family totem pole — his father Fred James Rebhorn lectures him on saving his money, while his older brothers, Ralph Michael Faustino and Damian Chris Demetralare pushy bullies.

The final insult arrives when Preston is invited to a friend's birthday party — held at an amusement park — and Preston doesn't have enough money to go on any of the good rides.

Preston wishes to the gods in heaven that he had his own money. At that point, on-the-lam criminal Quigley Miguel Ferrer takes his cue and runs over Preston's bike with his car. Eager to leave the scene before the cops arrive, Quigley hurriedly gives Preston a half-written check and vamooses.

Preston looks down at the check and notices that the amount has not been filled in, so he obligingly completes the transaction by adding six zeroes and a one — for a million dollars in cold cash. This amount, by a strange coincidence, happens to be the exact amount that Quigley has deposited in a money-laundering bank run by his partner-in-crime Biderman Michael Lerner.

Preston goes to the bank, cashes the check, and purchases a neighborhood mansion with all the toys he has ever dreamed of owning. But Quigley and his gang want the money back, and they are on their way to Preston's new home for a housewarming he will never forget.

In the midst of the Cuban Missile Crisis, a plane crashed into the Webber's yard. Mistaking the blast for "the big one," the Webbers moved into their elaborate bomb shelter to wait out the half-life of radioactive fallout. In the shelter, now a sort of time capsule, Calvin and Helen conceived and raised their son Adam played as an adult by Brendan Fraser.

Calvin taught his son about science, baseball, and communists while Mom taught Adam about dancing, good manners, and charming young ladies. Just in time, too, as Adam is sent to the surface to gather supplies and find a wife, preferably a nice, non-mutant girl from Pasadena with which to repopulate the world.

Once this "fish out of water" story is set up, the fish, Adam, is set adrift in a sea of supermarkets and adult bookstores, but is soon caught by Eve Rustikov Alicia Silverstone.

Completely lost above ground, Adam enlists Eve's help to navigate his new world and find the supplies on his list. The literally sheltered Adam falls for this bitter, cynical, street-smart woman who grew up in a bleak Los Angeles with little use for love.

Living with her gay roommate, Troy Dave FoleyEve has had her hopes chipped away by a long line of dead-end jobs and loser boyfriends.

A researcher learns that the desert holds a new sort of danger worse than sunstroke or dehydration in this horror story from South Africa. Alex Scott Bairstow is a Canadian scientist who works for a firm that monitors the location and safety of people traveling in dangerous environments.

Alex is dispatched to Nambia on an asment, and soon finds himself thrown in with a handful of eccentric and unstable locals who are involved in a search for diamonds. When four of the jewel hunters are found dead in the desert with the flesh stripped from their bodies, it's up to Alex to find out what's gone wrong, and he soon learns he's up against a menace unlike anything he's seen before.

Cast: Scott Bairstow - Dr. Lupovich Michael T. Rap star Snoop Doggy Dogg makes his debut as a leading man in the title role of Jimmy Bones, stylish protector of a thriving inner-city neighborhood in When he refuses to knuckle under to powerful interests bent on introducing crack cocaine into his turf, Bones is betrayed by some of his own people, murdered, and buried in the basement of his gothic home.

More than two decades later, the neighborhood is a drug and crime-infested nightmare, and Bones' decrepit, allegedly haunted domicile is about to become a hip-hop dance club. Although Bones' one-time girlfriend, Pearl Pam Grierand his right-hand man, Shotgun Ronald Selmourhave remained loyal to his memory, the children of his traitor, Jeremiah Clifton Powellare the principal owners of the new club.

They become the primary targets when Bones' vengeful spirit rises up to exact bloody retribution for past misdeeds. Bones co-stars Michael T. Horror-meister George Romero directs this thriller about a pound weakling who strikes back at everyone who has wronged him in the past.

Henry spends much of his day fantasizing about killing himself and killing others, particularly his nagging wife Janine Nina Garbiras. After learning that Miles is shagging his wife and that his stockbroker best friend swindled him out of a stack of money, Henry wakes up the following day to learn that his face has mysteriously been rendered white and featureless.

Soon, like a mime with bloodlust, Henry violently dispatches with everyone in his life, save Miles' wife, whose paintings may be responsible for his sudden transformation. This film was screened at the Berlin Film Festival. Robin Williams stars in this oddball comedy about a fast-talking car salesman who is down on his luck and in over his head until an extreme situation forces him to use his sales skills to save lives.

Joey O'Brien Williams is the stereotypical car salesman: enterprising, aggressive, and desperate to make enough money to spend on his high-maintenance girlfriends. But suddenly the pressure is really on: he owes money to the mob, his ex-wife is nagging him about not spending enough time with their teenage daughter, and if he doesn't sell at least a dozen cars by the time the big sale is over on Saturday, he's going to lose his job.

As Joey attempts to placate several potential buyers, his day is interrupted by Larry Tim Robbinsthe insanely jealous husband of dimwitted showroom receptionist Donna Annabella Sciorrawho's been having an affair with someone who works at the dealership.

A mournful look at the last days of opera diva Maria Callas, director Franco Zeffirelli's biographical drama attempts to explore the irresistible allure of a comeback for a fallen star who hungers for the success of her past. Weathered from the excess of the decade and with her best performances long behind her, Callas Fanny Ardant withdraws to her Paris apartment to live her final days in seclusion.

Despite being ravaged by a throat disease and being stuck in an extended period of mourning following the death of her true love, Callas' manager Larry Kelly Jeremy Irons nevertheless suggests that the former reigning queen of opera attempt a spectacular comeback.

Though she is physically unable to perform the pieces the way that she once did, the suggestion to lip-sync to recordings of her performances offers a tentative chance for latter day fame.

Despite her belief that lip-syncing her performance would be dishonest to her fans, the prospect of performing Carmen, an opera that she once recorded but never performed on stage, offers Callas one last shot at reliving her former glory.

The troubled life of French sculptor Camille Claudel and her long relationship with legendary sculptor Auguste Rodin are portrayed in this passionate biographical drama, featuring an acclaimed performance by Isabelle Adjani. Beginning in the s with a young Claudel's first meeting with Rodin, the film traces the development of their intense romantic bond.

The growth of this relationship coincides with the rise of Claudel's career, helping her overcome prejudices against female artists. However, their romance soon sours, due to the increasing pressures of Rodin's fame and his love for another woman. These difficulties combine with her increasing doubts about the value of her work to drive Claudel into an emotional tumult that threatens to become insanity.

First-time director Bruno Nuytten had ly served as a cinematographer, and he brings this experience to bear in his loving presentation of Claudel's sculpture and the lavish period setting.

The dramatic approach is in tune with the impressive visuals, which present Claudel's life as a grandiose melodrama, a transformation that irritated some critics.

However, few questioned the film's value as a dramatic showcase for Adjani, whose fervent portrayal was rewarded with an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress. A free-spirited art student and a roguish poet find their addiction to each other taking a back seat to their taste for heroin in director Neil Armfield's intensely personal tale of recreational drug use gone bad.

When Candy Abbie Cornish and Dan Heath Ledger first fell in love, they both thought they had found all they ever needed in life. Despite financial hardships, the pair sustained themselves on the vibrant life force that burned blindingly bright as it promised an invincible future.

Their intoxicating romance a blissful altered state of which heroin played only a minor role in the beginning, Candy and Dan soon decide to strengthen their bond by marrying and starting a family. Their manufactured Eden gradually becomes an uncontrollable inferno, however, as Candy's parents slowly pull away due to the pain of witnessing their daughter's slow slide into oblivion, and even chemistry professor Casper Geoffrey Rushwho was at first complicit in their experimentation, admits that Candy and Dan's blind devotion to the drug is now forever ingrained into their commitment to one and other.

As the marriage deteriorates right along with Candy's increasingly fragile mental state, Dan must make the difficult decision to either rescue her or pull away in hopes that the clarity of separation will finally empower her to break free of the addiction that binds her.

Wyatt Noni Hazelhurst - Mrs. This is an amiable little parody from director Trey Parker, best known as co-creator of the cult TV series South Park. Set inthe film deals with Alfred Packer Juan Schwartz, aka Trey Parkerwho is accused of cannibalizing members of his six-man party on a trip West.

There are comic songs, Japanese people pretending to be Indians, and a cyclops whose eye spurts pus. The film's highlight may be Alfred's saloon kung fu fight with a cocky fur trapper named Frenchy over his beloved horse Liane.

Alvin Dewey Jr. Perry Smith Clifton Collins Jr. The creation of one of the most memorable books of the s — and the impact the writing and research would have on its author — is explored in this drama based on a true story. InTruman Capote played by Philip Seymour Hoffman was a critically acclaimed novelist who had earned a small degree of celebrity for his work when he read a short newspaper item about a multiple murder in a small Kansas town.

For some reason, the story fascinated Capote, and he asked William Shawn Bob Balabanhis editor at The New Yorker, to let him write a piece about the case.

Capote had long believed that in the right hands, a true story could be molded into a tale as compelling as any fiction, and he believed this event, in which the brutal and unimaginable was visited upon a community where it was least expected, could be just the right material.

Capote traveled to Kansas with his close friend Harper Lee Catherine Keenerherself becoming a major literary figure with the success of To Kill a Mockingbird, and while Capote's effete and mannered personal style stuck out like a sore thumb in Kansas, in time he gained the trust of Alvin Dewey Chris Cooperthe Kansas Bureau of Investigation agent investigating the murder of the Clutter family, and with his help Capote's magazine piece grew into a full-length book.

After attaining a sort of friendship with Smith under the assumption that the man would be executed before the book was ever published, Capote finds himself forced to directly confront the moral implications of his actions with regards to both his role in the man's death, and the way that he would be remembered.

Nigel Terry plays the title role, whom according to Jarman essentially told his own life story in his paintings. Caravaggio travelled among thieves and prostitutes, many of whom were his models. That we should care anything about so miserable and obscure a personality is a tribute to Jarman's filmmaking savvy—and the of elements from his own well-publicized life that he injects into the film.

British filmmaker Ken Loach blended a love story with strong political commentary in this powerful drama. George Robert Carlyle is a bus driver working in Glasgow who has a strong independent streak and has developed a serious crush on one of his regular passengers, a woman from Nicaragua named Carla Oyanka Cabezas.

Carla occasionally is short of money for her fare, so George lets he ride for free; when his boss finds out about this, it's added to a list of small insubordinations, and George is fired.

However, he stays in touch with Carla and learns she's a good bit more troubled than he imagined. She's given to dramatic mood swings and has attempted suicide, and in time he learns that her emotional problems stem from the disappearance and probable death of her boyfriend Antonio Richard Lozaa Sandinista who is believed to have been kidnapped by the U.

The largely apolitical George travels with Carla to Nicaragua to help her look for Antonio. In their travels, they meet Bradley Scott Glennan American who was once a CIA "advisor" to the Contra who has turned his back on their policies and now works alongside the Sandinistas. Carla's Song was a gold medal winner at the Venice Film Festival.

Carlito's Way is a tale of a former hood trying to escape his former life. Al Pacino is Carlito Brigante, a high-level Puerto Rican drug dealer sprung from a three-decade jail sentence after only five years, thanks to a technicality and his sleazy, cocaine-addled lawyer, Dave Kleinfeld Sean Penn.

Carlito renounces his ways and takes a job as the manager of a club that Kleinfeld has invested in, planning to save enough money so that he can eventually move to the Caribbean. But no sooner is Carlito back on the streets of New York than his old life claws at him in the form of both old partners Luis Guzman and vicious up-and-comers John Leguizamo.

Nevertheless, Carlito stays clean and even restarts his relationship with a dancer named Gail Penelope Ann Milleruntil he is finally led astray by Kleinfeld, who manipulates Carlito into participating in the murder of a Mafia don from whom Kleinfeld has stolen a million dollars.

At that point, the race is on to see whether Carlito and Gail can escape his world for good. Carrie otthon is szenved. This classic horror movie based on Stephen King's first novel stars Sissy Spacek as Carrie White, a shy, diffident teenager who is the butt of practical jokes at her small-town high school.

Her blind panic at her first menstruation, a result of ignorance and religious guilt drummed into her by her fanatical mother Piper Laurieonly causes her classmates' vicious cruelty to escalate, despite the attentions of her overly solicitous gym teacher Betty Buckley.

Finally, when the venomous Chris Hargenson Nancy Allen engineers a reprehensible prank at the school prom, Carrie lashes out in a horrifying display of her heretofore minor telekinetic powers.

Many films had featured school bullies, but Carrie was one of the first to focus on the special brand of cruelty unique to teenage girls.

Carrie's world is presented as a snake pit, where the well-to-do female students all have fangs — even the reticent Sue Snell Amy Irving — and all the males are blind pawns, sexually twisted around the fingers of Chris and her evil cronies.

The talented supporting cast includes John Travolta, P. Soles, and William Katt. Jean-Paul Belmondo romps his way through the role of 18th century French bandit chief Cartouche. At first robbing from everyone in sight he has to — he's head man of a Parisian crime syndicate Cartouche is rechanneled into becoming a Gallic Robin Hood by beauteous gypsy Venus Claudia Cardinale.

In Highwayman fashion, Venus eventually sacrifices her own life to save Cartouche from harm. He vows to continue his activities to avenge her death, but still manages to have a riproaring good time doing so.

Hilarious without being condescending, Cartouche was reissued under the completely inappropriate title Swords of Blood.

One of the most beloved American films, this captivating wartime adventure of romance and intrigue from director Michael Curtiz defies standard categorization. Despite pressure from the local authorities, notably the crafty Capt.

The 20th Century Fox Lány teszi pornó stover mt Dr.

She still wants Victor to escape to America, but now that she's renewed her love for Rick, she wants to stay behind in Casablanca. He does, and his plan brings the story to its satisfyingly logical, if not entirely happy, conclusion. Epstein - Screenwriter Philip G.

Louis Renault Conrad Veidt - Maj.